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Barbara, Essex Junction, VT:  "I always look forward to my appointment with Denise.  Even if I don't have specific "issues" to be worked on, I always leave feeling like a puddle of relaxation."

Ann, Milton, VT:  "Besides an automobile accident resulting in whiplash injury a few years back, I have struggled with cervical degeneration which puts me at high risk for pinched nerves.  It doesn't take much for me to pinch a nerve, and I have struggled with pain for many years now.  I received a gift certificate for my birthday to Sacred Space because I had shown such interest after I received a chair massage from Denise at a local function.  Upon returning home that day, I went to Sacred Space's website and read about the many health benefits of massage therapy.

After pinching a nerve (and under my doctor's recommendation) I decided it was a good time to use my gift certificate.  The massage did more for me than any physical therapy I had ever received in the past years and with what I would pay for co-pay toward PT it's just as affordable.  I was so impressed with Denise's ability to locate trigger points and work away the pain that I was compelled to tell my doctor that I firmly believe their office should make other women aware of this option.  I was told by my doctor that she has, since being reminded of Sacred Space, started to recommend Denise.

It's incredible how much better I felt after just three visits, it was noticeable after just the first actually.  Denise is such a professional and already has many unique techniques but continues to learn new techniques, such as the cranial massage, which was heaven.  I also love the calm and relaxing atmosphere.  I will continue to see Denise for massage therapy and while pain free will treat myself to this wonderful health benefit at least once a month."  

Barbara, Shelburne, VT:  "I want you to know I really appreciated the massage and Reiki treatment yesterday.  The angel card was empowering.  I needed that.  Amazing how strong I remained all day.  I am planning on this being my ritual periodically, as it relaxed me more than anything out there.  Thank you Denise."

Michelle, Dance Instructor, Milton, VT:  Sacred Space is by far one of the best therapies I have ever gotten.  Every single time I see Denise, she fixes me up, knows exactly where the trouble spots are (which are less and less), and really invigorates my mind, body and spirit.  All sessions seem to fly by in a matter of minutes!  Absolutely the best value around.  I recommend SS to all women--just do it!"

Melissa, Colchester, VT:  "For over 10 years, I have struggled with the painful effects in my left shoulder as a result of a car accident.  After seeing many different doctors, physical and massage therapists, I had almost given up hope of feeling some relief from the pain, until I met Denise.  A friend had referred me to her and I haven't stopped thanking her yet!  Through the unique techniques that Denise is so great at, I can now say that I have more pain-free days than painful ones, which has been so outstanding!!!  I have and will continue to HIGHLY recommend Denise to anyone looking to improve their well being and feel better about themselves.  She is someone I definitely keep on my speed dial list!"

Krista, LMT, Colchester, VT:  "Denise (McKenna) has a wonderful intuition with the tissues.  Her sessions deliver a precise mix of therapeutic intention and relaxation so that I leave feeling not only muscularly released and stretched but also mentally rebalanced and peaceful.  She is a great asset to the profession as a whole and I highly recommend getting a massage from her...and often!"

Felicia, MS, RPH, Milton, VT:  "Since March of 2007, Denise has worked on myself and family members.  All of us are grateful for her healing hands and kind heart.  Her is a story that is outstanding.  Denise offered Reiki to my mother who at 86 years old was in her last weeks of life.  My mother, an Alzheimer patient, was stiff and tense from weeks of being in bed after suffering a broken femur and an increase in her cancer tumor burden.  After the first session, when asked how she felt, my mother stated loud and clear, "I feel wonderful".  Her hands were still clenched when we left her room to walk Denise to the door however, on return, her face had a rosy color, her brow was smooth and her hands and arms relaxed.  Denise had a second chance to offer her healing touch and the results were even more profound as my mother's hands grasped Denise's arm and her eyes opened wide for a truly amazing non-verbal connection.  For these moments and for each healing session I am grateful."

Dr. A. Watson, Milton, VT:  "I started using Denise McKenna's massage services in the fall of 2006 and the resulting improvement in my quality of life has been staggering.  That fall I experienced several career and health issues.  A major asthma attack, one that required emergency ambulance transportation and subsequent hospitalization drove me to seek a qualified massage therapist in hopes of returning to better health.  Upon initial consultation with Denise, I knew I had found the right person.  She spent a significant amount of time discussing my life situation, current physical compromises and goals of therapy.  She initiated a combined program of traditional massage techniques, Reiki and Ortho-Bionomy, one custom developed for my needs, and the improvements were immediately evident.  Over the course of the last six months, I have gone from a compromised physical state, one that prevented me from engaging in an active lifestyle, to a winter sports enthusiast with over 30 snowshoe treks and 15 days of downhill skiing recorded thus far.  The positives I have experienced through the special healing touch of Denise are too numerous to list, but if you desire to return to a heightened state of health I would strongly suggest giving Sacred Space a try.  You may soon find yourself enjoying hobbies, sports and a quality of life that were once only distant memories."

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